PokeAsk Art Training Challenge!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Challenge: Action, part one: battling!

For Artists: Draw your character(s) using an attack. For an extra challenge, draw them in a battle! The goal is to put as much movement in the illustration as possible, so we can see the intensity of the attack! Practicing action poses helps to liven up your characters and assists you, the artist, in avoiding stiff poses.

For Writers: Write your character(s) in the midst of a battle (if they’re a pacifist, try to think of a way they may have gotten caught in the middle of a fight). The goal is to capture the heat of the moment with your words, and make the reader’s hearts race as if they were sitting on the battlefield! Try to nail down your characters thoughts (or lack thereof), the feeling of adrenaline, and any passion or fear or anger your character might be facing.


  • Submit your finished piece to us so that we may post it under your own unique tag! This tag will be used to help you follow your progress throughout the challenges.
  • All work here is up for critique, and we recommend that you be open for constructive criticism because it’s a great way to improve! But if you’re really against the idea of having your work critiqued, let us know in your submission so we can keep it off limits.
  • If you’d like to critique something, feel free! Submit it in! As long as it’s civil and constructive, we’ll post it up and the original poster and others may use it to help improve. If it’s hurtful or generally not very helpful, we will be unable to post it.
  • If you have any questions, just send us an ask!
  • And most importantly, have fun and do your very best! This isn’t a competition, this is for you!